Matías Seijas

Matías is a software engineer, interaction designer, and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. His interests and experience span a wide range of domains—from designing applications that use humor to help children with autism spectrum disorder, to reimagining navigation for the visually impaired, and developing interfaces for ambient intelligence environments.

His projects have been covered by numerous publications, including his work with Tech Kids Unlimited on LOLA, which won the 2015 AT&T Connect Ability Challenge for innovative assistive technologies and was featured at the 2018 Access+Ability exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

Other accomplishments include his work with WearWorks in developing a vibration-based navigation device for the visually impaired that was used by Simon Wheatcroft—a blind athlete—to run the 2017 NYC Marathon and covered by the New York Times; as well as his personal entrepreneurial project, Tailor, a smart closet that can autonomously learn from the occurring interactions between users and their clothing to anticipate their needs through natural and human-centered interaction styles.

Currently working as Software Engineer, and a graduate of Wesleyan University, as well as New York University’s M.S. program in Integrated Digital Media & Interaction Design, Matías’ aspiration is to combine his disparate interests into a lifelong passion for exploring novel ways in which to integrate human nature, design, and technology.

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Matias Seijas